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Bucketlist Map Towel & Washbag

  • The ultimate bucket list + washbag 'Atacama'
  • A unique & super useful travel kit
  • Simply put: the perfect gift for the traveler in your life
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Bucketlist Map Towel (retails for $69.90)

Discover the most awesome destinations on Planet Earth - hundreds of bucket list examples and things to do before you die, from big-name spots like the Eiffel Tower, to little-known gems like the Sky Lantern Festival in Taiwan.

Washbag 'Atacama' (retails for $39.90)

The perfect travel accessory for every surfer. Tear resistant fabric, smooth sturdy zippers and a smart compartmentalization that holds everything a surfer could need on their trip.

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Bucketlist Map Towel

• 67" x 36" (170 x 90 cm) microfiber towel • Sand Free, dries quickly while being highly absorbent • The only eco friendly microfiber we know! No PVC, no silver ions, solvent free inks

Washbag 'Atacama'

• 10" (25cm) wide, stands 6" (15cm) tall and a usable width of up to 5" (13cm). When folded flat it's less than 1" (2.5cm) thick. Made from high quality, tear resistant nylon.

Bucketlist Map Towel & Washbag
Bucketlist Map Towel & Washbag
Bucketlist Map Towel & Washbag
Bucketlist Map Towel & Washbag
Bucketlist Map Towel & Washbag
Bucketlist Map Towel & Washbag
Bucketlist Map Towel & Washbag
Bucketlist Map Towel & Washbag
Bucketlist Map Towel & Washbag
Bucketlist Map Towel & Washbag
Bucketlist Map Towel & Washbag
Bucketlist Map Towel & Washbag
Bucketlist Map Towel & Washbag
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What to See Everywhere in the World

The most complete & community-sourced through Kickstarter, map of bucket list ideas - from must-sees like the Golden Gate Bridge, to base jumping into an active volcano. Cross off things you have done and plan the next adventure.


The awesome washbag 'Atacama'. Made from high quality, tear resistant nylon and with clever compartments, this bag is the travel companion for endless trips to come.

A unique & super useful travel kit

All illustrations are hand drawn with pen & paper

Eco-friendly materials, shipped carbon neutral

Spots picked by real globetrotters around the world

See what our 100,000+ customers are saying

An Inspiring Gift For Any Globetrotter

When was the last time that a gift you bought made someone's eyes light up? This is that gift. With peer reviewed information, totally hand illustrated as well as made from the best materials we could find. We put all the value we could find into this bundle.


A gift that shows you care about them


A one-of-a-kind they have never seen before


It fuels their passion for exploring the world


Something they will actually use and love

Sustainable Maps For Future Explorers

We carefully choose OEKO-TEX 100 eco-friendly materials and local production to reduce impact and offset CO2 emissions. Fair pay to everyone involved and leaving a better world for future explorers is extremely important to us.

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The Team Behind Awesome Maps

It all started 10 years ago, when the founder Simon was rolling up Awesome Maps with his own hands in his apartment in Berlin. Now, we're a small remote team of travel lovers from around the world, and our passion for creating the most inspiring maps is stronger than ever!


Each map is pretty big for their own style! Here's the list with all our style sizes:

  • Paper/Scratch: 38" x 22" (97,5 x 56 cm)
  • Towels: 67" x 36" (170 x 90 cm)
  • Roll-Downs: 45" x 24.4" (114 x 62 cm)
  • Canvas: 57.5" x 34" (146 x 86 cm)

We don't work with 3rd party print-on-demand companies. This ensures that we have control over the quality of each material - from the best microfiber on towels to museum-grade canvas - and also the highest quality, durable printing.

Absolutely 100% worldwide!

We work with warehouses all around the world - in Germany, U.S. and Australia. Typically if you are in these areas you should get your order between 5-7 business days. You can always check the available shipping options and estimates at checkout.

Short answer - no questions asked within the first 6 months. You can also check our entire policy here.

Once your order is shipped you'll receive a tracking ID with your order confirmation email. Please check your spam folder just in case. If you cannot find anything, please contact us.

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