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Washbag 'Atacama'

  • Tear resistant fabric & smooth zippers
  • Three individual compartments to keep organized
  • Inner lining that keeps your stuff safe and clean
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Washbag 'Atacama'
- It's 10" (25cm) wide, stands 6" (15cm) tall and a usable width of up to 5" (13cm).
- When folded flat it's less than 1" (2.5cm) thick. Made from high quality, tear resistant nylon.

Washbag &
Washbag &
Washbag &
Washbag &
Washbag &
Washbag &
Washbag &
Washbag &
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The perfect washbag - seriously

What makes the perfect washbag? To us it needs to be light (4,5oz/125g to be precise), durable, have multiple compartments - and, adapt to what you put into it. When you fill it up, it can hold all your stuff. When it's empty, it folds completely flat.

Great design. 3 compartments, hanging loop. And it folds completely flat

Hand made. Every bag is a one of a kind piece

Shipped carbon neutral and made from recycled materials wherever possible

Tear resistant high quality nylon. This bag will last.

Over 100,000 customers love our products

The perfect travel companion

Super useful for any traveller. Whether for a weekend trip, a 2 week vacation or a gap year. This is something everybody needs. So you might as well get a bag you will use for a long time and make memories with.


A great gift for the traveller in your life!

A well made classic

Super useful for anyone. And really well made

Improves any trip

Just something that works and brings joy to who uses it

Travel tested

Taken on all sorts of trips before we deemed this Awesome approved

Sustainable Products For Future Explorers

We carefully choose eco-friendly materials and local production wherever we can to reduce impact and offset CO2 emissions. Fair pay to everyone involved and leaving a better world for future explorers is extremely important to us.

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The Team Behind Awesome Maps

We are really proud that we work closely with suppliers from around the world to bring our products to life. We know that everyone gets paid a living wage & we get to choose all the materials in line with our philosophy of running a sustainable business and we ship carbon neutral.


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What avid travellers think about this

We ❤️ the feedback we get from all our awesome customers!

Washbag 'Atacama': the story behind

The idea for making a washbag (or toiletry bag but I prefer washbag because I use mine for loads of things) came after a trip where I was using a big old bulky one. And I was done with the trip so it was almost empty but it would still take up the same amount of space in my bag. So I checked out some stores and looked for bags I liked. And I tested them and started to sketch up my perfect bag. It didn't have to be all tricked out. I just wanted it it to do the basics well.

- it should fold flat
- it should have a hanging loop
- i should have 3 compartments to let me do basic organization of my stuff
- the zippers would HAVE to be sturdy and smooth. Nothing worse than zippers eating into the fabric (well there are loads of worse things but it's up there)
- zipper pulls that don't break and are easy to grab
- an inner lining that's fresh and clean and makes me feel like my things are well protected and in a clean environment

So there ARE things to consider when making something as basic as this. And I can tell you, it just works really well and is a total joy to use.