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Dive Logbook

  • Original design & high quality logbook
  • A unique print & extra map
  • The perfect gift for any diver
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Dive Logbook + Dive Map
- A handy A5 (5.8" x 8.3") size
- 60 sheets (120pages) to log 120 dives
- Expandable inner storage pocket that holds a full sized Dive Map (included for free with the logbook)

Dive Logbook
Dive Logbook
Dive Logbook
Dive Logbook
Dive Logbook
Dive Logbook
Dive Logbook
Dive Logbook
Dive Logbook
Dive Logbook
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The best dive logbook ever

A super clean layout. A complete set of icons to log every aspect of your dive (up to 120 dives). Thick pages for no ghosting and bleed-through. An inner storage pocket for keepsakes & certification cards. AND a free Dive Map without any spots so you can map out your own dive journey. Developed with divers from around the world.

A unique print & extra map

An original & unique product from a small company

The perfect gift for a special someone in your life

Developed by travelers for travelers

See what our 100,000+ customers are saying

A gift for a special someone in your life

A super useful logbook for the next dive trip. High quality material from the cover to each page. And an extra Dive Map to without any spots to personalize with your own dive journey 🫶.


A gift that shows you care about them


A one-of-a-kind they have never seen before


It fuels their passion for exploring the world


Something they will actually use and love

Sustainable Maps For Future Explorers

We carefully choose OEKO-TEX 100 eco-friendly materials and local production to reduce impact and offset CO2 emissions. Fair pay to everyone involved and leaving a better world for future explorers is extremely important to us.

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The Team Behind Awesome Maps

It all started 10 years ago, when the founder Simon was rolling up Awesome Maps with his own hands in his apartment in Berlin. Now, we're a small remote team of travel lovers from around the world, and our passion for creating the most inspiring maps is stronger than ever!


A5 which is 5.8" x 8.3".

We don't work with 3rd party print-on-demand companies. This ensures that we have control over the quality of each material - from the best microfiber on towels to museum-grade canvas - and also the highest quality, durable printing.

Absolutely 100% worldwide!

We work with warehouses all around the world - in Germany, U.S. and Australia. Typically if you are in these areas you should get your order between 5-7 business days. You can always check the available shipping options and estimates at checkout.

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Dive Logbook: the story behind

This one is overdue. We make the world's most awesome map for divers. And now we also make the world's most awesome logbook for divers. So what makes a great logbook?

We think it's many many icons that help you log all aspects of your dives as easily as possible.

From the dive number, the date of the dive, the location to the equipment used. Icons for added weight, hood, gloves, booties, fins, aluminum/iron tank.

Icons on the conditions of the dive. Such as waves, current and surge. The weather, air & surfcae temperature.

Icons on the type of dive - training, fresh, salt, reed, night, cave, boat, shore, wreck, deep.

And plenty of icons on the dive itself. Time in, bottom time, time out, visibility, max depth, safety stop, air in / air out.

And many many more. Along with plenty of space to add your personal notes to each dive.

The logbook has an inner storage pocket for keepsakes & certification cards. As well as a very special Dive Map. One without any spots whatsoever. Why? So you can add your personal dive journey to your very own Dive Map.