Introduction to Different Styles of Yoga
Navigating the world of Yoga can be overwhelming and confusing. Because of the recent explosion in popularity, the postures have become what most of us simply refer to as “yoga.” Let’s dive into the most popular styles of Hatha Yoga and explore which are most suitable for different needs.
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Top 10 places to Climb in the US

For nature lovers, the US is like a playground just waiting to be explored and climbers are no exception. The country is packed with some of the best rock in the world, incredibly varied climbing spots, beautiful national parks, and awesome camping and hiking to go along with the climbs.

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Inventive ways to display your Awesome Map
At Awesome Maps we pride ourselves in producing more than just your average map. We believe the way you display your map can be just as unique as the map itself- here we’ll dive into some of the more inventive ways we’ve seen our maps displayed to provide you inspiration and motivation for your own map hanging and adventure planning.
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