The 5 Types of Surfer

The 5 Types of Surfer
Have you taken our quiz and you're curious about all the different types of surfers? Check'em all out, each as awesome as the next! If you haven't done it yet and want to figure out which one you are, take the quiz to find out!

The Purist

You are one of the OG surfers. You’re better than most people out there & sometimes you think of the good old days with fewer people and only real surfers but these thoughts disappear when you get ready for your next wave. You paddle in position, you take a look, you feel the wave lifting you off and you're already crouched on your board generating speed and doing your first manoeuvre. And after the wave, you're reminded of how good surfing is and that you chose the best passion to have!

The Soul Surfer

To you, surfing is a piece of the puzzle in living a more connected life. You love nature for what it is & you don’t need gadgets or perfect conditions. You want to enjoy nature with all its ups and downs and surfing is a great vehicle for that. You don’t concern yourself with wave counts, but you remember the feeling of the sun on your skin some years ago, the dolphins you saw, the cold rain when you paddled out in warm water. When people see you in the water, it reminds them of what surfing is all about.

The Kook

Let’s face it – 90% of us are kooks. You watch surf videos & when you head to the beach to surf and see a picture or (even worse) a video of yourself, you realise how far away you are from the image in your head. You probably dropped in on a few people without realising, but you know what: it doesn’t matter. Surfing is probably the hardest thing to learn and you either started late or are landlocked and only surf a few weeks per year. But every time you do – you love it! And that’s what surfing is all about. Catch some waves, have a great time in the water and tell some stories.

The Social Surfer

Mediocre waves with good friends are more fun than pumping surf alone? You got caught by a set because you were talking and didn’t look out to the ocean? And after the surf you have to sit down to have a coconut with friends, before you drive to your favourite café to indulge in the vibrant life & watch people? Well then yes, you’re the social surfer. Maybe you’re not as good as the purists, but everyone at the beach knows and is happy to see you. And to you, that is worth as much as doing a 360 is to others. And that is awesome! We need people like you to bring us all closer together – even the hipster surfer and the purist. We count on you!

The Hipster

You would never call yourself a hipster? Well…that’s exactly what a hipster would say. You probably know a lot about surf culture, board technology, you have a fancy board and a nice car. When people who don’t surf see you – you are the cool surfer dude. When the purists see you – you’re probably not that to them. Maybe precisely because you get all the looks on the beach from the non surfers. But think about this. You probably spend a lot of money on gadgets, surfboards, clothes and with that you contribute to companies being able to create amazing content for everyone to enjoy. So yes, you’re a surf hipster – be proud of it!

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