9 Reasons we made a map for surfing

9 Reasons we made a map for surfing

For those of you who know the story of Awesome Maps, you know that the Surftrip Map was our first creation, the little seed that sprouted from a dream into the 19 different maps that we produce today. The Surftrip Map is a core part of our story, so today we wanted to dive into why we love surfing and what inspired us to make a surf map of the world.

Inspired by a surf trip!

Flash back to 2009, founder Simon had embarked on a surf trip through Europe. On his return, he wanted to pin all the places he had surfed on a map, and that’s where it all began!  

To track travels in style

As he began, Simon was surprised to find that his only option was to mark the locations onto a political map, and this didn’t quite suit his vision. With so many surfers traveling the world, Simon was sure others would be equally as excited to have a map dedicated to the best surf spots.

Surfing is a challenge

We love a good challenge because it removes you from the everyday routine and gives you a chance to focus, learn, and improve, in your own time. Surfing puts life into perspective- the fact that the barista got your coffee order wrong doesn’t seem like such a big deal when you’re out in the water with a big wave quickly approaching!

Surfing connects you with nature

Nature is healing- we love surfing because it’s an excuse to not just be in nature but to play with nature. There’s no feeling like riding a wave; it’s a breathless experience that makes you feel alive and free.

To help you see some of the most beautiful places in the world

There’s a reason that surfing and travel go so well together- there’s nothing like surfing into the sunset on a secluded beach with only the fish to keep you company.

To expand surf education

Ever been surfing in Senegal or Myanmar? Surfers are spread out all over the world, yet many of us only know about local surf or popular spots. We wanted to bring the world of surfing to you, giving you access to beautiful illustrations and interesting information about over 1000 surf spots around the globe- many of which you had no idea existed. 

Surfing gives you an outlet to connect with inspiring people

Due to its challenging nature and intimate relationship with the ocean, surfing tends to attract inspiring people who care about the environment. This combination helps create an awesome surf culture- one that’s friendly, laid-back and carefree.

Surfing is addictive- literally!

Catching the perfect wave is out of your control- it can feel like an eternity to wait for ideal swell and wind conditions, and of course the time to get to the shore. All the build-up combined with the reward of actually catching a wave causes a surge of feel-good chemicals to be released, including adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin.

Inspiration to stay curious

The purpose of the Surftrip Map may have began with a surf trip but certainly doesn’t end there. Surfing gives you a reason to travel the world (if you needed another one), so we created the map of surfing to inspire surfers to take on their next adventure. Whether it’s hanging on the walls of your home, your van or even in your office, the Surftrip Map is designed to keep you curious.

Are you feeling inspired to take on some waves yet?

Photos from: Federico Gutierrez, Johny Goerend, Austin NeillTyler Nix


  • Kim

    Real surfers do not say who is a surfer and who is not! :-)

  • Scott Blank

    Real surfers don’t surf and tell.

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