How to create your dream bucketlist

How to create your dream bucketlist

A bucket list is more than just your standard New Year’s resolutions or a list of things to do. It’s a way to live life, a list to keep you motivated on the endless venture for knowledge, exploration, and growth. This is where the inspiration for our Bucketlist Map came from- we wanted to take our bucket list ideas from a dream to reality.

Today we want to guide you to create your very own in eight easy steps! Expressive of your wildest dreams, yet practical and realistic enough to get you moving- let’s get started!

Making the list

1. Get inspired

Where does your mind wander during your greatest fantasies? Do your dreams take you to exotic beaches, to hidden corners of an ancient library, or perhaps to mastering a new language? There are so many directions you can go, and breaking the list into categories like adventure, travel, hobbies, career, creative, or health can help inspire ideas. 

If you’re feeling stuck, get inspired from others! There’s an abundance of fresh and unique bucket list ideas online.

2. Free flow

Personally our favorite part of the process, this is how you’ll get those cool bucket list ideas flowing. Pose the following prompt to yourself: If I could do anything… what would it be? Where would I go? What would I learn? How would I serve others? What have I always wanted to experience?  

Set aside at least 10 minutes, put on some good tunes, and let your mind wander. The only rules are to keep your pen moving and write whatever comes to your mind, whether the items are realistic or practical.

3. Include short and long term goals

As well as those once in a lifetime experiences, include small goals to improve your daily life like learning a new skill or doing random acts of kindness. Perhaps you can start volunteering, pay for the person’s coffee behind you, or just try a new food!

By including bucket list items that require only your own will, you can easily tick off a few items within the first weeks and generate some momentum! Although the goal is not to rush through the list, there’s no denying that crossing off smaller, more attainable items will empower you to keep going.

4. Put effort into it!

This might sound obvious, but it’s important! The more energy you devote to the list, the more likely you are to take it seriously. We strongly recommend having a visual representation displayed somewhere you will see it every day, so print it out! Have some fun with your printed version by incorporating colors, making doodles, or cutting out magazine clippings to represent different items. The point is to put effort into your creation in whichever way you feel inspired.

Ready, set, action!

5. Quick Wins

Those items you can realistically aim for within the next few months or year? Make soft deadlines for these items- ideal timings that you can most likely meet with a bit of effort.

Next, choose one of these items you want to focus on. Think about what steps need to be taken- what is involved in making this goal a reality? Be as detailed as possible to move towards crossing this item off your bucket list. After creating your plan of action, take one actionable step towards accomplishing this goal within the next 24 hours!

6. Visualize

Visualization is a powerful way to manifest your thoughts into reality. By visualizing yourself accomplishing one of your dreams, your direction will take a clearer focus and you’re more likely to create the circumstances for that dream to become a reality.  

Choose one of the items that excites you most, close your eyes and imagine yourself achieving that goal. Visualize in detail what it feels like- what sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings surround you? Sit for a few moments, immersed in this dream coming to fruition. The more vividly you can imagine, the more potent this exercise will be- try to dedicate a few moments to visualizing every day!

7. Buddy up

Find a buddy, a partner in crime, or someone who has their own bucket list. Having a partner to embark on your adventures will keep you accountable and motivated, plus it’s just more fun.

8. Give yourself time and space

Don’t expect to make your bucket list in one sitting or to cross everything off in a certain amount of time. In fact, do just the opposite. Expect your list to grow! With every new experience, you’re inspired to add another challenge the the list. It’s not about completing the list, it’s about living a life more full of adventure, joy, and connection.

We hope this guide will inspire you to create your own awesome bucket list this year, one that’s meaningful and empowers you to reach for your dreams. To see our ultimate bucket list, have a look here!


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