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Surftrip Map

This map shows you the sweetest spots across the globe. Over 1000 surf spots, information about wave quality, water temperature, peak season, shark attacks and more.

track your travels and plan your next adventure from shark attack risk and water temperature to the best season to go, wave quality and much more 1000+ surf spots from hidden gems to world famous breaks from shark attack risk and water temperature to the best season to go, wave quality and much more this is the card game of any surfer's dreams. A surfed up version of top trumps where 32 of the best waves battle it out against each other yes, our paper maps are awesome. But if you double the size and print the maps on the best material there is, the sand looks just a little softer, the water a little warmer and the wave a little longer. It is still the same artwork that let’s you dream away and discover new waves.

Discover the best barrels and the best logs to hang ten - along with destinations you probably never considered, and strategize your summer in style.

Choose from following versions:

Surftrip Map Re-Writable

Surftrip Map Re-Writable

Our deluxe whiteboard coating makes the colors pop and the map fully customizable.
- High-quality offset print on silk-coated 150lb art paper
- Whiteboard Coating for re-writability
- 97,5 x 56 cm (38" x 22")

35 USD +3.90 USD Worldwide shipping
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Add a Clash of the Waves card game to your order. A perfect gift! Just scroll down a bit :-)

Surftrip Map XXL Canvas (2 for 1 Deal)

Surftrip Map Canvas

2 FOR 1 DEAL: Every canvas map comes with a free Surftrip Map Re-Writable
- Museum-quality jumbo canvas print on heavy, 100% cotton cloth
- Satin surface for brilliant colors
- 150 x 90 cm (59" x 35")

140 USD +3.90 USD Worldwide shipping

Clash of the Waves Card Game

Clash of the Waves

Clash of the Waves is the card game of any Surfer's dreams. Use your knowledge of barrels and logs to beat your buddies in this surfed-up version of top trumps.
- 32 of the best waves in hand-illustrated glory
- thick, high quality paper and awesome packaging

13 USD +3.90 USD Worldwide shipping

About this Map

Lars is the head illustrator behind all Awesome Maps CLASSIC MAPS that are mader old-school style - with pen and paper.

The Surftrip Map has been the first map developed by Awesome Maps. Our founder Simon was searching the web for a world map with all surf spots. He couldn't find one and decided to make one on his own.

Customer Reviews

Great map

Great spot selection, nice illustrations, fast delivery, good customer service. Thumbs up.

Perfect gift for surfers

My boyfriend loves it.

Love my canvas map

Great quality canvas, looks great.