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Surftrip Map - Customized XXL Canvas

Regular price $799.00 USD incl. all taxes & shipping
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Customized Canvas Customized Canvas $799.00

An awesome Surftrip Map canvas with an illustration of yourself! That’s right. Our very own Lars will turn a photograph you send us into a unique one-off canvas print. Our DIY Canvas Frame is also included in this package, as well as Express Shipping, to make this the ultimate gift!

  • Huge print - 146 x 86 cm (57.5" x 34")
  • Archival grade canvas and print quality
  • Printed on 100% cotton cloth
  • Heavyweight 360gsm cloth
  • Best colors you can get. Bright white, high contrast
  • Eco conscious water based ink that will last a lifetime 
  • The canvas comes with a frame and express shipping
  • The canvas comes with a free paper map of the same theme (only the canvas will be customized though)
  • FREE worldwide (yes, worldwide!) DHL Express Shipping - if you are in a super remote area (you will know when you are) please contact us before buying.
  • fast worldwide shipping & guaranteed delivery anywhere
  • accepting all major credit cards and paypal
  • proudly sourced and handmade in Germany
  • we only accept USD (what if I'm not USD?)

About our Customized Canvas

Your Picture & Text

You send us your picture and text, with any context or background information you want to add. Easy!

Hand Drawn with ♥️

We will sit down with Lars to see how we can make your picture & idea look the absolute best and Lars will illustrate your unique creation.

Express from Berlin

We will get to work, print the finest quality canvas and ship it to you express. Couldn't be quicker!

How does it work?


1. What kind of pictures can you send us?

We refuse to illustrate pictures that promote obscenity, violence, hatred, cruelty (including animal cruelty, for example we won’t illustrate someone petting a sedated tiger) etc. – you get the idea.

2. How many pictures can I get?

One picture in one country, state or island.

3. What are typical things that people have illustrated?

Wedding proposals, pictures of memorable vacations, children's place of birth, hometown, craziest thing they've done, food experiences.

4. How do you illustrate the picture?

You just send us a picture that you like and we do the rest. We will ask you for some backstory. For example, when you send us a picture of you and your partner on safari in Africa and you have a picture of you in front of a safari truck, but you also have a backstory like "We went to Namibia on this amazing trip and I proposed to my now wife and the most special moment was when we saw a family of lions walking in front of us", we can then illustrate a ring and place it in the country and also illustrate a family of lions walking by in the background, even though this isn’t in the picture you sent us.

5. Where can I have my illustration placed?

Please check the gallery to get an idea of the size and what it could look like. This means that if you want something placed on a tiny island like Fiji, it will be tough. It will still be doable, we will have to increase the size of the island, but ideally the place you have in mind is not a tiny country. Examples of countries that work perfectly: Namibia, Germany, France. In large countries like Australia or the United States, your illustration will take up only a portion of the country. As you can see in the gallery here on the Dive Map, Australia is made up of about 5 illustrations – where one would be yours.

6. How do you know where to place the picture?

In the form we send you, you can give us all the information and also  include the geo location of your picture.

7. What text can I add?

Space is very limited on the maps since as there is so much goodness already. But we will do our best to accommodate your wishes! You can definitely add your favorite spot to the map or have a short sentence added which (limited to 90 characters incl. spaces). People typically write things like “Get back to Namibia where we saw the most amazing animals and got engaged”. Again, we will ask you exactly where to put it in the form we send you after the purchase.

8. Can I be involved in the illustration process?

$799 is certainly a lot of money but from this, you will get a one off print, a frame, DHL Express shipping and of course, we have to sit down and discuss the whole artwork with our illustrator. We always do our best to give you an amazing piece of art that will be the best gift ever, but we cannot involve you in the process as this would take a lot more time and make the whole print much more expensive. However, if for some reason, the picture doesn't work or the backstory is unclear to us, we will reach out to you to make sure we're clear on what you’re looking for.

9. How long does this take?

You can expect around 4 weeks' turnaround time from the moment you submit the form.

10. Can I return it?

As we are creating a one off canvas, just for you, unfortunately this cannot be returned.


Awesome Maps canvases are printed on the highest grade, heavy cotton cloth with the best colors available. The canvas comes framed.

Our Surftrip Canvas on Instagram

We love seeing our maps in the wild!

Customized Canvas: the story behind

People have been asking us for a long time if they could order a customized map. And if that involves making a whole new map we simply can't. But when we got asked to change just one country for a personalized canvas wedding anniversary gift, we did.

And the idea was born: let's offer this to other people as well. So now we do! If you want your image on canvas to make this the most unique and unusual artwork gift, you're in luck! So whether it's your best wipeout, your first wave, the unforgettable surf trip where you met 💛or your favorite beach - your imagination is the limit.

And you can customize the very first map we made, back in 2009! We were inspired to combine beautiful surf art and useful information for surfers and so the Surftrip Map was born.

Made by surfers, for surfers, our surf map features more than 1,000 spots, including the 50 best surf spots in the world. It's perfect for keeping track of waves you've surfed or as one of the best gifts for surfers to fuel their sense of adventures for new destinations.

Stretched on the canvas frame, this canvas wall art will look fabulous in any home and is a great conversation starter - you can show everyone your unique piece of art with you in it!

What surfers think about our map

We value the feedback we get from all our awesome customers!

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