Kids Map Playing Cards
Kids Map Playing Cards
Kids Map Playing Cards
Kids Map Playing Cards
Kids Map Playing Cards

Kids Map Playing Cards

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140 playing cards that spark questions on a range of topics. Together with renowned board game designer Konrad Bochennek, we've created a series of simple, fun exploration games with to keep you and your kids playing for hours.

  • ideal for kids age 4-8
  • 140 extra large 8 x 11 cm (3.1" x 4.4") playing cards
  • Heavy 350gsm card stock with kid-friendly UV activated colors (NO solvents)
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Thank you!!! I am using the map and game in class and the kids love exploring and learning. This is great!

Exploringt the world and its wonder, my daughter went from wanting to be an astronaut, to being a geographer, then a diver and now a teacher. I'll deduct half a star for that :P

Endless hours of


with 3 amazing games. All you need is a Kids Map and the playing cards. 

Thieves from Space

Age 5+ / 2-5 players / 30 minutes

Earth is being visited by invaders from another world. But look out! They’re trying to steal our most beautiful animals and brilliant inventions and bring them back to their planet!

The only ones who can stop them from escaping are a special team of top scientists. They must use their powers of deduction to find the alien ship, get back Earth’s booty, and save the day.

Kiungo (Connection)

Age 4+ / 2-5 players / 30 minutes

In the not-so-distant future, people’s carelessness is taking its toll: the Earth is heating up. Sea levels are rising, and animals have to adapt to changing environments.

A team of zoologists is travelling the world looking for new species that have evolved to live on land and at sea.

Kids Map World Tour

Age 6+ / 2-5 players / 45 minutes

Around the world in 80 days is so yesteryear. With the kidsmap world tour, you can circle the globe in no time. Just like a real journey, you’ll see great places, meet unusual animals, and keep a travel diary.

It’s great practice for your future world travels!

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