Climbing Map - Paper
Climbing Map - Paper
Climbing Map - Paper
Climbing Map - Paper
Climbing Map - Paper
Climbing Map - Paper

Climbing Map - Paper

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This is the world of climbing, from trad and sport climbing to deep water soloing and the most scenic crags. Over 300 climbing areas and crags, information on climbing types, number of routes, heights and levels. 
  • 97,5 x 56 cm (38" x 22")
  • Silk coated, acid free paper
  • 250gsm (170lbs) art paper - heavy, no shine through paper
  • Re-writability coating (use with a whiteboard marker)
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What customers say

Got my map today and am super stoked. Can't wait to discover some of these places. The illustrations are really cool and I already discovered a few places that literally weren't on my map before. 

I love climbing.. so good to see the map at my place every day and dream of my next trips. 

Also available as

Climbing Map XXL Canvas

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The climbing map is

Drawn by Hand

Hundreds of hours went into illustrating the Climbing Map. Drawing by hand just gives the map a vibrancy that cannot be achieved in a purely digital process. 

Meet the illustrator


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in cooperation with

The Crag

The Climbing Map has been created with friendly support of - the world's largest rock climbing & bouldering platform. Check them out at