About us

Planet Earth has so much to offer, but today’s maps don’t do it justice. We think maps should give you more than just continent outlines, political boundaries and numbered roads. Awesome Maps show you the world how you want to see it, We’re putting the awesome back in maps.

They are all Awesome Maps, but we classify our products in three categories:
Our CLASSIC MAPS are all 100% hand-illustrated, featuring themed locations to spark one’s wanderlust and make the inner traveler restless.
Our DESIGN MAPS are simply stunning and designed for display. They add unique style to any wall.
Our CREATOR MAPS are meant to be modified and customized with own travels, memories and annotations using pens and stickers.

Awesome Maps has been helping globetrotters and homebodies see the world differently since 2010.

Founder of Awesome Maps,
chasing wild rhinos in Zimbabwe

Meet Simon, awesome founder with a clinical case of wanderlust. Awesome Maps began when Simon was searching for a world map of top surf spots, and there were none to be found.

Managing Director of Awesome Maps
chasing waves in Bali

Katharina joined the company in 2015 as managing director, bringing her keen design sense with her.

We’re a team of designers, illustrators, web developers and explorers, hell-bent on helping you discover your world. Technically, we’re based in Berlin, but most maps have been made on the road, from Timbuktu to Kathmandu.

All of our products are printed in Berlin, Germany.