Surfer Socks - pack of 3
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Surfer Socks - pack of 3

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These colorful high-quality surfing socks feature little surfboards, waves, fins, palm trees and shaka hands. A must have for every surfer. Awesome Maps Signature Edition – created by guest artist Pia from Germany. Get them as a pack of 3 and save. Gift them to your surfer friends or keep them all to yourself! Don't worry, we won't tell.
  • One size fits all
  • 80% cotton, 18% polyamide, 2% elastane
  • Made in Portugal
  • Colors: blue, pink, yellow
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  • proudly sourced and handmade in Germany

About our Surfer Socks

Hand Drawn with ♥️

In search of the best waves, German illustrator Pia lives and works on the French Atlantic Ocean during the summer. She loves drawing surfing, camping and traveling topics.

Made in Portugal

Based in Barcelos, north Portugal, the textile company producing our surfer socks has been making stockings and socks since 1995.

Sourced Locally

We ship all socks, maps and towels from right here in Berlin. All our packaging is made in Germany and shipped carbon neutral.


The Awesome Maps Original Surfer Socks. Signature series created by guest artist and fellow surfer Pia from Germany. Produced in Portugal.

Surfer Socks: the story behind

Who doesn’t love funny socks? Well, we're obsessed with crazy socks and thought we should give it a shot!

This is the first pair of socks we’ve launched and we can’t wait to add more to the collection. Surfboard socks, socks with waves, palm tree socks – we'll have you covered.

The Surfer Socks make great gifts for surfers btw – just saying 😊

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