Map of Love
Map of Love
Map of Love
Map of Love
Map of Love
Map of Love

Map of Love

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A map for cool couples... to commemorate important relationship milestones with the included sticker-set. Additionally, get inspired for the best trips-for-two in every country.
  • 70x50 cm (27.6" x 19.7")
  • 240gsm (165lbs) heavy paper
  • Uncoated acid free food grade art paper
  • Gloss finish on country outlines
  • Ecological colors
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What customers say

Wedding season is nearly upon us! What a fun gift for the newlyweds, a map to document their travels together ❤

Inspiration for the best trips for two, with one bucketlist idea for every country. Includes sticker in the style of "magnetic poetry"

A ton of




A ton of stickers to document all the awesome milestones in your relationship as well as for planning new trips.

(marker is not included, sorry)

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