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Test Product for May 2019 Redesign
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Test Product for May 2019 Redesign

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Paper Paper $39.00
Canvas Canvas $139.00
Canvas+Paper Canvas +Paper $139.00
Card Game Card Game $20.00
Towel Towel $69.00

The map that started it all. Made of 100% awesomeness. Over 1000 surf spots, information about wave quality, water temperature, peak season, shark attacks and more. A true staple for every surfer.


  • 97,5 x 56 cm (38" x 22")
  • Silk coated, acid free paper
  • 250gsm (170lbs) art paper - heavy, no shine through paper
  • Re-writability coating (use with a whiteboard marker)
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About our Surftrip Map

Hand Drawn with ♥️

Lars has hand drawn every little bit of the Surftrip Map. Old school style with pen and paper. Legend!

Made in Germany

All our maps are made in Germany. Every map is fine tuned before it is then printed and shipped off to the world. 

Sourced Locally

We ship every map from right here in Berlin. All our maps and packaging are made in Germany and shipped carbon neutral. 


Oak Hanger Frames

Handmade in Berlin to perfectly fit your map. Handmade awesome great quality unique size boom.  (Picture needs to be changed of course)

Also available as

XXL Canvas

Printed on museum grade canvas fabric and extra large (150 x 90 cm // 59" x 35"). Three rows of text.

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Eco Microfibre Towel

Huge 180 x 95 cm (71" x 37") microfibre towel. Antibacterial properties and super lightweight - perfect for travelling. 

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Foldable Map

Printed on Tyvek this map is indestructable. Perfect to take on trips or for your coffee table if you're short on wall space. 

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A history of this map

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