Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Though we should express appreciation to our partners every day of the year, Valentine’s Day coming up gives us an excuse to celebrate our loved ones in an extra special way. Rather than buying more things, most of which we probably don’t need, choose more meaningful Valentine’s Day gifts this year! Because we’re not a fan of useless things, we’ve curated a list of our favorite Valentine’s day gift ideas for your gift giving ease and inspiration.

For the adventurous partner

Map of Love

Our Map of Love helps you commemorate relationship milestones around the world, plan trips to awe-inspiring places and reminisce on past adventures. The map is a tangible display of your love journey, one of the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift ideas for couples, especially those who thrive on travel.

Tickets to a show

When a vacation just isn’t in the cards, find another way to satisfy that thirst for adventure! Choose a music venue in a nearby city for a romantic night out. Whether it’s a concert, musical or theater performance, treat yourself to dinner and drinks before the show for a memorable Valentine’s Day.  

Plan a getaway

If your significant other is always preparing for the next adventure, surprising them with a weekend getaway is the perfect way to express your love. You don’t have to travel far to experience adventure, search for a secluded cabin in some nearby nature or escape to the next town for a new, exciting activity.

Pro tip: Check Groupon and Airbnb for deals and discounts

For the homebody

Take over a chore or project

Has your partner been talking about cleaning the basement or organizing the kitchen for awhile now? A beautiful way to show your appreciation is to take over the project. Just make sure you follow through!

Make them breakfast in bed

This is one of our favorite Valentine’s Day gifts for him or her.  Who wouldn’t love waking up to pancakes and coffee in bed?

    Pro tip: Add chocolate chips and their favorite fruit to really impress your loved ones.

    Buy them a book

    Make the gift extra meaningful by buying a book that you loved and want to share with them or treat them to a beautiful coffee table book they would never buy for themselves. Sign the inside cover with a little love note and the date so they remember the day fondly whenever they pick up the book.

    For the one who expresses love through the little things

    Surprise them with their favorite flowers

    Flowers are always a safe bet, not only will they bring a smile to your partner’s face, but they’ll also brighten up the home.

    Scatter notes throughout the house

    Valentine’s Day ideas don’t have to be complicated or elaborate if you find the right way to show your partner you care. Write little love notes and scatter them in places your partner will find throughout the day and beyond!

    Handwritten love letter/ poem

    Even if you have never written a letter in your life, as a human you are inherently creative, and you have the right to tap into this ability. Start with something simple like listing all the reasons you love your partner.

      For the one who always has energy!

      Take a class together

      Check out classes in your area and spend quality time together learning a new skill; it could be something artsy like ceramics or maybe something more physical like rock climbing!

      Take them dancing

      Dancing is an intimate way to connect with your partner, especially one who always has energy to try something new. If you’d rather something more structured, you can also opt for a dance class!

      Make your gift giving season easier and more meaningful this year by referring to our blog, packed with guides to the best gifts for different types of people on every type of occasion.


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