Top Gifts for Artists

The creative magic of artists is inspiring and infectious, lighting up our world with artworks in all sorts of mediums. The gifts for the artists in our lives are a reflection of our gratitude for their heartfelt expression so with holiday season just around the corner, we wanted to get to the root of what makes a gift for artists both unique and useful. Through research and referral from our own creative friends, we’ve curated this list of the ultimate gifts for artists.

Travel watercolor kit

Perfect for the artsy friend who loves to travel or is still learning and doesn’t yet have their own set of basic watercolors, a small, portable watercolor set is one of our favorite gifts for painters. Find a set with exciting and versatile colors, space for mixing, and a waterbrush and you’re guaranteed to enhance their next adventures with a little color. 

Adult Coloring Map

Perfect for anyone with a creative eye and a serious case of wanderlust, our Adult Coloring Map is high on our list of gift ideas for artists for good reason. Black and white illustrations representing various vegetation, traditions, and symbols of different regions extend through the borders of each country, gifting it’ rightful owner the space to color in their favorite places, or perhaps the whole world! Not only is coloring a great way to wind down after a long day, but your friend will also be left with a beautiful world map to brighten up their home!

Messenger-style art bag

    From brushes and pens, paint gear, and all sorts of papers and boards, artists know the struggle of having too many things to carry around and ending up with pads and brushes getting ruined at the bottom of a bag! A messenger-style art bag is the perfect way for your friend to transport all their art supply needs in an organized and comfortable fashion.

    Art museum passes or membership

    Because what artist doesn’t love an art museum? Give a unique gift to your art loving friends this year by finding a cool museum near you and purchasing a membership in their name. Pro tip: Many museum memberships allow members to bring a guest for free or a discounted price, so play your cards right and you could benefit from this gift as well!  

    Portable Easel 

    A portable easel is another great gift for a traveling artist, someone who loves to draw outside or  who frequently moves their workspace around! These lightweight easels fold up into compactable form so they can be easily moved or stored away.

    Give the gift of learning!

      The best gifts for artists are ones that motivate them to make art, of course! So why not inspire them to try something new? We love the idea of gifting a class to learn a new creative skill be it ceramics, printmaking, or life drawing to name a few! Take a look around your community to see what classes are offered, and perhaps you’ll feel inspired to join them on the new endeavor.

      Drawing Tablet

        Although it’s one of the more expensive gifts on our list, nowadays there is a drawing tablet for every budget. These small devices allow artists to draw digitally using a special pen-like stylus. For this one it may be worth asking about your friends digital art experience, as you can choose from a high-tech tablet with hundreds of features and advanced software to a more basic functioning tablet for beginners to learn some digital drawing.

        Buy their art

          What better way to support your friends endeavours than buying artwork from them? Perhaps you’ve always liked one of their works, or you can gift something they have created as a Christmas present for another friend. As well as being a unique present, it’s a great way to show your friends that you value their artwork!


          How do you shower the artists in your life with love? Any gifts that you would add to this list? Tell us in the comments!


          Photos from Alex Jones, Estée Jassens, Antenna, Manja Benic, Adrian Valenau




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