Best housewarming gifts

Moving homes, whether you’re renting a new apartment or first time home owners is a chance to start fresh, a time of new beginnings. Though exciting, it can also be an exhausting time, physically and emotionally. That’s why we wanted to put together this list of thoughtful and affordable housewarming gifts, to help you help transform your friends' new place from a house to a home!

Copper map

Sometimes all it takes is one piece to pull an entire room together and our Copper Map is just that. A map is a wonderful housewarming present because it’s more than just a beautiful decoration but also speaks to the character of a person. It represents exploration, openness, and diversity. Our Copper Map is simple and sleek, a golden copper screen print contrasted against a silky, black-dyed paper base.



There’s nothing that enlivens a home like plants. You’d be surprised at the serious improvement one or two plants can bring to a space, so naturally they top our list of favorite house gifts. And because we don’t all have green thumbs, we recommend gifting your friends low-maintenance plants like snake plant or pothos which both tolerate low light and forgetful gardeners.

Neighborhood guide (DIY)

Of all the housewarming gift ideas, this one is unique and personalized, requiring your time and energy, rather than money. To create the ultimate neighborhood guide you’ll need to do some research, and get busy with pens and paper! We recommend categorizing into sections like history, restaurants, bars, activities, and nearby weekend getaways. 

Quality tea and coffee

We believe the key to housewarming gifts is choosing something that people actually want to use. And considering the majority of the world enjoys waking up to a cup of caffeine, you can’t go wrong with quality coffee beans or a nice herbal tea.

Shower speaker

Because who doesn’t love to sing in the shower? And when you have music to back you up, it’s that much more fun. A speaker specifically for the shower or simply a waterproof one will give your friends the perfect way to break in their new bathroom.


There’s something about lounging in a hammock that instantly makes you feel like you’re on vacation. If your friends have the space for it in their yard or even on a porch, a hammock would be a great housewarming present.

Customized doormat

A doormat is essential for any welcoming home, providing the first impression for guests before they even step foot inside! Find a doormat that suits the personality of your friends, perhaps something simple and decorative or maybe something clever and funny.

Something smelly!

Of course good smelly, we mean. Using scents is an easy way to shift the energy of a space from vacant and unfamiliar to comfortable and homey. Choose your favorite scented candle or a nice pack of incense. Sometimes it’s difficult to decipher the smells of incense sticks, so we recommend sandalwood- it’s a classic that always lights up a space with its warm aromas. Find a pretty incense holder to go with it for a simple but meaningful gift.

Are there any housewarming gifts that you’ve received before and think should make this list? Share with us in the comments!

Photos by: Annie Spratt, H is for HomeArnold LeungAlexandra GornMike BowmanNathan Dumlao

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