Best gifts for Yogis

The best gifts for yogis aren’t overpriced mats or stylish yoga outfits; they’re gifts that inspire, educate, and enhance a yogis life! Because we’re tired of the same overrated yoga presents that are circulating the web, we’ve curated a list of our  favorites.

Yoga Map

In the West we have come to know yoga as simply a physical practice; however, the true essence of yoga is to develop a balanced mind- calm, clear and focused, so that we can navigate life with more ease and find creative solutions to our problems. Our Yoga Map is a beautiful celebration of yoga in its truest sense, all around the world. This hand illustrated watercolor map highlights yoga styles and founders, ashrams, festivals, and communities that yogis will love to explore. Perfect for any home or studio!

Yoga World Map

Bamboo everything

Sustainability and waste reduction is becoming a hot topic in the wellness world, and for good reason! Bamboo is a renewable source, making it a wonderful alternative that could significantly help reduce our plastic waste. Perfect for the environmentally conscious yogi, package up this cute travel utensil kit and throw in a bamboo toothbrush for a great yoga inspired gift!

Meditation or Yoga App Subscription

While most of us would prefer to practice yoga or meditation in a studio, there’s something very special (and convenient) about practicing in your own space. This is one of our favorite yoga and meditation gifts for the friend that’s always on the go- bring the gift of relaxation right to them!

Our picks? Headspace, a meditation app geared towards beginners and those looking to integrate mindfulness into everyday life, and oneOeight, an online platform offering yoga classes of varying lengths and levels, meditation classes, cooking inspiration and more!

Cozy yoga socks

As the cold months are approaching (at least for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere) so is the season of fuzzy socks. These adorable hand-knit socks have an open toe and heel to provide extra grip during practice but still be cozy enough to keep your yogi friends feet warm and comfy during the cooler months ahead.

Bubble Bath Basket

Gift the yoga lover in your life a relaxing night of self-care by creating a bubble bath essentials basket just for them. Some ideas of things to include are a small bundle of sage for cleansing, a favorite candle or incense to set the mood, herbal teas, a soothing playlist, and of course a bath bomb to wash the worries away.

Non slip towel

When it comes to more movement intensive practices, sometimes a non slip mat just doesn’t cut it! A non slip towel is specifically made to absorb moisture and fit perfectly on the yoga mat. We love IUGA’s Non Slip Yoga Towel because it’s affordable, a bit thicker than normal yoga towels to provide an extra layer of cushioning, and most importantly, it works.

Oil Diffuser

Something that your friend would never ordinarily buy for themselves, an oil diffuser is a great yoga gift idea. It permeates an ultrafine mist of essential oils into the air, releasing sweet aromas to keep your friends home smelling like spa- many yoga studios use them to keep their spaces smelling fresh. It’s the lazy man’s version of incense!

Kombucha home brew kit

You may have heard of this fermented tea that’s become very trendy in the yoga world. Kombucha dates back 2,000 years to ancient China where it was commonly used as a natural remedy to treat inflammation. Today’s popularity is centered around the teas ability to enhance gut health due to its richness in probiotics. A homebrew kit is a unique gift idea for anyone eager to give kombucha a try. You can find a full kit, including the culture and the necessary equipment to start brewing for around $50.

Prayer Flags

The prayer flags many of us know are the Buddhist/ Tibetan flags, hung high in the Himalaya Mountains, typically used to bless a space or promote peace. These colorful little pieces of fabric have deep meaning, with each color portraying a different element, and each mantra reflecting important values like patience, compassion, and wisdom. Prayer flags are a meaningful yoga inspired gift and decoration that can instantly brighten up a space.

Meditation Cushion

Creating a special space to practice yoga or sit for meditation can be the key to consistency, something yogis know to be essential to creating lasting change. A beautiful meditation cushion is one of our favorite yoga gifts sure to inspire your friends to create or enhance that special place in their homes.

We hope our guide has inspired you to gift your yoga loving friends with something unique and interesting this year! Do you have something you’d add to this list? Let us know in the comments!


Photos from Iograstudio, Jackmac34, Andip, Stocksnap, Drew L, and Grace Madeline

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