Best Gifts for Surfers

When it comes to surfers, they tend to have one thing on their mind, the ocean waves and the next time they can get out there! Between ridiculous amounts of costly gear and other-worldly sounding jargon, buying gifts for surfers can be a daunting task for those less familiar with the sport. Here we’ll break it down nice and simple, an ultimate guide to the best gifts for surfers that will excite!

  • Surftrip Map

  • Our Surftrip Map is the ultimate gift, a beautifully designed map of the world of surf, featuring over 1000 surf spots, information about wave quality, water temperature and peak seasons. The map will take surfers on a journey through places they’ve been and those they have yet to conquer- a practical source of inspiration that is bound to be a hit! Printed on rewritable art paper or on an extra large canvas, it’s the perfect accessory for any home or van!

  • Surfers balm

  • Surfers are no strangers to frequent cuts, scrapes, sunburn and burnt lips among other things! We recommend this surfer’s salve as a soothing treatment for the various surfers’ woes. It’s an all natural concoction made with all the good stuff: olive oil, beeswax, aloe, rosemary, lavender leaf, tea tree oil and more.

    Surf Grip

    Surf wax is a special type of wax applied to surfboards in order to increase grip and friction. We recommend gifting Van der Waal’s Performance Series 2.0, a clear, non-skid alternative to the messy stuff that causes headaches for many surfers. This high-quality alternative performs and feels exactly like wax, it’s eco-friendly and most importantly, fast and easy to use. 

    Classic Surf Film

    From Big Wednesday to Endless Summer to the more recent View From A Blue Moon, these are the surf films that taught us about surfing as a way of life. If you want to plant a seed of adventure and inspiration, a classic surf film is the way to go. Send as a gift via iTunes and inspire your friends next movie night!

    Surfboard Bike Rack

    A surfboard bike rack is an excellent gift for the friend who has the luxury of biking to their surf sesh. And because surfing is just that much better when you don’t have to take a car to get there- a surfboard bike rack allows you to easily and securely mount the board to your bike, arriving to the ocean calm and ready to surf.

    Surf Poncho

    Anyone who has surfed knows that changing in and out of your wetsuit is the worst part of the day. Of all the presents for surfers, a surf poncho is one of practicality, comfort and ease. Imagine an oversized poncho, made out of towel. Surfers can throw it on when they get out of the water and easily strip down in any public place, already warm and comfortable, wrapped in their big towel poncho. This is one that any surfer will be stoked to receive.

    Balance Board

    A balance board is basically an indoor trainer for surfers, helping amateurs to professionals improve balance and work on core exercises. Because not all surfers are lucky enough to live by the sea, this is for your friends who can’t surf year round but still crave the practice.

    Surfboard Rack

    Storage is not typically the first thing a surfer thinks about, making it a superb gift for your surfer friends! We know from experience that living with surf boards constantly sliding down walls isn’t ideal. We love this Hawaiian Gun surf rack because of its unique shape and sleek bamboo look, it’s the perfect gift for the everyday surfer who wants easy access to their board.

    Ding Repair Kit

    Board maintenance is an essential task for any dutiful surfboard owner. Surfboard dings, like small dents or minor damage to the board are common and easy to fix, yet can be dangerous if not repaired. A good ding repair kit like Phix Doctor’s well-reviewed resin and tools makes for a great gift for surfers.


    Surf Backpack

    Surf packs differ from regular backpacks as they are designed to keep surfers' wet items in a separate compartment to the dry. A good surf backpack will be equipped with a main compartment to store wet items like a surfer’s suit after hitting the ocean, as well as multiple compartments to store other surf gear, food, water, towel and whatever else they might need. Some packs, like this one, even have a zip-up laptop compartment, perfect for the surfer who has been known to mix work and play!

    Whether it’s christmas gifts for surfers  or a random occasion, gifting your friends should be fun and easy! We hope our guide has inspired you to find awesome, original gifts for the surfer in your life! 

    Photos by: Mike Fox, Matthew LeJune, Filios Sazeides, Gustavo TorresSweet Ice Cream Photography, Vladimir Kudinov

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