Best Gifts for Kitesurfers

It can be overwhelming to choose a meaningful gift for your kitesurfing friends if you’re not familiar with the sport. Kitesurfing is a water sport that harnesses the power of the wind and the water- once you get started, the ways to advance are endless, and kite enthusiasts tend to get quickly hooked to the adrenaline. We wanted to help you navigate gift giving for your water bound friends so we made this list of our favorite kitesurfing presents.

Impact vest

    As you might expect, jumping on a board through the air atop ocean waves can get a little rough on the body. Even the most advanced riders can have accidents, so an impact vest is a real life savior, protecting the body from bruises or even broken ribs.

    Kitesurf Map

    With this beautifully illustrated map of kitesurfing you’ll blow your friend’s world open! This is the perfect gift for a kitesurfing friend with a small (or big) case of wanderlust. With over 500 kitesurfing spots and information on style, level, wind direction, water temperature and more, the map opens the potential to try kitesurfing in places all over the world, many of which you could have never imagined.

    Wetsuit booties

      Booties are essential for kitesurfers- especially those who are usually in colder waters. Not only will they keep your friends feet warm, but they will also protect them from cuts or scrapes, ultimately allowing them to stay out in the water for longer. Some things to consider when buying booties are weight, thickness, and shape (ex: split toe vs round foot and zipper vs strap).

      Kiteboarding literature

      To keep your friends motivated and inspired to continue advancing, especially those who can’t kitesurf year-round, books or magazines are some of our favorite kitesurfing gift ideas. We recommend either a subscription to Kiteworld Magazine, the original Kitesurfing journal, or Kiteboarding Tricktionary, the ultimate book of kitesurf tricks and techniques for those obsessed with the sport.

        Kiteboard technology

        Because kitesurfing is largely based off of jumps, airtime and tricks, there is tons of technology on the market to measure just that. Though they tend to be a bit pricier, for a kitesurfer some sort of a wearable technology can really help improve their game. These usually look like small gadgets or sensors that attach to the board and measure all things kitesurf related. When choosing a gadget, some features to consider are session time, jump height, jump count, total jump time, best jump, airtime and battery life.


          Any adventure athlete would be stoked to receive a Gopro! Though it’s one of the pricier gifts on this list, we had to include it because it’s the ultimate camera to capture the most epic action shots and videos.

          Solar power charger

            Naturally kitesurfers spend a lot of their time in the nature, on the beach, and in the sun. A solar powered charger is something your friends might not ordinarily think of but will undoubtedly come in handy for kitesurf trips around the world.

            A Kitesurf trip!

              Of course the ultimate gift for kite enthusiasts would be a kitesurf trip of their dreams. Do some research and see if there is a nearby beach known for its good kitesurf conditions. You could even combine this gift with the Kitesurf Map and choose one of the destinations to escape to for a weekend!

              We love this action packed sport for many reasons, but we recognize that if you’re not a kitesurfer yourself it may feel like a foreign world to navigate. Our hope is that this guide will help you improve your gift giving game for your favorite kitesurfers this year.

              Photos by: Tim MossholderClyde Thomas,  Jakob OwensJames Peacock

              Louis Hansel

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