Best Gifts For Hikers

As summer highs fade away, hikers eagerly embrace autumn’s return - less crowds on the trails, near-perfect air temperatures, and of course the bright oranges and reds that color the leaves. In our excitement for the adventures that await, we’ve put together our favorite gift ideas for hikers to consider this fall. Take a look and get inspired- the great outdoors are waiting!

Outdoors coffee maker

Hey- we’re creatures of comfort! There’s nothing that quite hits the spot like rolling out of your tent to a steamy cup of coffee. Our number one pick is the Collapsible Java Drip. Its compact design minimizes space usage without sacrificing the coffee’s quality. 

Hiking Map

Of all the gifts for hikers we’re super happy to present our newest addition to the activity maps family: the Hiking Map! This is truly a gift for hikers of all levels - from the novice who just bought her first pair of hiking shoes to the avid hiker who always has a running list of trails to get to this year. We had so much fun making this map, hand-picking over 350 trails spread across six continents that we know you and your hiker friends will love.  Like our other maps, it's available as a poster print or canvas. Welcome to the family!

Personalised Survival Kit

    Unique hiking gifts are our favorite and what better way to personalize a gift for someone you love than making it yourself! For hikers, preparation is critical. Fill their bag with small hiking essentials: travel bowl and spoon, a good water bottle - we recommend the hydroflask, a headlamp, their favorite brand of energy bars.

    Waterproof notebook

      The only thing that beats that post-camp morning coffee is a quiet journaling session with nothing but your notebook and the sun against your skin. You can’t go wrong with this one! A waterproof notebook is a nature lover’s best friend.

      A great coffee table book

      Hikers will embark on a journey through the most iconic, diverse hiking trails in the world, but sometimes it's nice to do so from the comfort of home! We love Great Hiking Trails of the World - it guides you through 75,000 miles of the planet’s natural wonders spread across 38 countries. Leafing through the book will surely inspire hikers for their next adventure. 

      National Park Pass

      Give your friend the gift of adventure and buy them access to some of the worlds most beautiful national parks! In the US, the America The Beautiful Pass grants access to over 2,000 U.S. federal recreation sites including Grand Canyon and Zion National Park. Otherwise, check out national parks where you are and surprise your loved ones a pass to their favourite trails or somewhere they've never been!

      A snug beanie

      As the crisp autumn air arrives quickly, a beanie is the perfect extra layer of protection for hikers, plus, with them being so easy to lose it never hurts to have more than one, right... SmartWool's Merino Beanie is our pick- small enough to fit easily into their pack, yet made of 100% wool, guaranteeing warmth and comfort well into the winter. 

      Portable water purifier

      Although this one comes at a higher price point, a purifier completely changes the game of a hiking trip. No need to think about buying bottled water or where to stop for your next refill. As long as the water is not murky, a SteriPen easily purifies water, telling you exactly how to position the pen and how long to keep it submerged in the water. This one is a particularly great gift for hikers who like to explore places without clean, reliable water sources.


      Any autumn essentials that we missed? Tell us your best gift ideas for hikers (or if you hike, what's on your wishlist?) in the comments section!

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