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I gifted it to my wife and she absolutely loved it. She is taking her Dive Map towel on every trip.

- Bryan R.

This map is gorgeous - it includes some fantastic bucket list ideas and looks great on my wall.

- Tina B.

One of those gifts that will be hard to top. Wife loved it. Many tears of joy.

- Dennis W.


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A Message from the Founder

The last years have been quite challenging to say the least.

Just when borders started reopening we got hit with another event that sent and sends shockwaves throughout the world and supply chains.

I personally feel now is the time to dream. About new trips, new experiences, better times. And then make all of these a reality as soon as you can.

And what better place to start than a map.

This is where we are!

Niederbarnimstrasse 12
10247 Berlin

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